I’m going to New York today! Hell yeah!

im getting on the plane in four hours. nervous nervous nervous but i have to sleep at some point so. goodnight


I know that Hunt was supposed to be about Geoff and Jack but Ryan’s arms though.



oh yeah! i forgot to mention that i’ll be going out of town tomorrow. i’m leaving for new york city and i won’t be back for a whole week— i’m returning next thursday.

i’ll probably take a lot of pictures? and i’ll be posting my outfits each day probably. im trying to dress really cute as much as i can. we’ll see how it goes.

Fill My Asbox (Rooster Teeth Edition!)
Gavin: Favorite Minecraft Let's Play(s)?
Michael: Favorite Rage Quit?
Ray: Favorite quote(s)?
Geoff: What video(s) make you laugh the hardest?
Jack: Who do you like the most at the office?
Ryan: Favorite GTA Let's Play(s)?
Lindsay: Favorite RT Couple (Or Ship)?
Caleb: Favorite Community map/video?
Kdin: Favorite Achievement Hunter editing moment?
Jon: Favorite T-Shirt?
Patrick: Favorite Poster?
Monty: Favorite RWBY/RVB character?
Miles: RWBY or RvB?
Kerry: What game did you like the most that they've played?
Ben: How'd you find out about Rooster Teeth?
Jordan: Favorite Animated Adventure?
JJ: Favorite Recap?
Chris: Favorite RT Life?
Barbara: Favorite RT Vine?
Adam: Favorite Joel and Adam Let's Play(s)?
Joel: Favorite RT Short?
Burnie: Favorite Podcast moment (or guest)?
Gus: Favorite argument (from anything)?


This is like a family picture, it’s perfect


every friend group has that one friend that’s just a giant bird, who you might need to watch your back around lest you be impaled by their mighty talons. birds are ficklehearted, mysterious beasts. watch out for the bird friend.


I love it when Michael talks because he’ll just be talking normally aND THEN HE’LL GET EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING AND START YELLING ANd then he’ll remember to use his inside voice and talk normally again bUT THEN HE’LL GET EXCITED AGAIN and it’s just a never ending cycle


Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #39

"I was trying to save some time, right?… I lost time."